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General Information About Prequimm

Prequimm it is an over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine currently patent-pending, trademark and NDC (National Drug Code) assigned by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), is unique, and its design combines various elements which are of natural origin, where each of them is applied to the principles of homeopathic dilution; considering the specificity of dilution and weight in milligrams, which are combined and its administration in the form of sublingual tablet is indicated as an auxiliary in the treatment of nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy, which allows us to achieve four significant objectives:

First: It manages to combine in a single tablet components acting independently, by stimulating different organs and tissues at the cellular level to be an auxiliary medicine in the treatment of nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy in the early stage and late post chemotherapy.

Second: The best results are accomplished using a microdose, therefore there is no known toxicity, side effects or contraindications with chemotherapy or other medications that the patient is taking.

Third: As a result of these benefits, PreQuimm can be used for long periods of time, without causing resistance, not adverse reactions since there are no known side effects in the body.

Fourth: Of vital importance, not throws if only changes in laboratory results, since there are no known damage, blockages, antagonism, and or competition with chemotherapy agents or any other medications that the patient is taking. Therefore it has benefits that can contribute to the health of the patient allowing you to have a better quality of life.

Therapeutic functions can be grouped as follows:

Prequimm it stimulates the defensive mechanisms in gastro-intestine functional disorders, to regulate with a trend down the inflammation at the intestinal level.

Neuroprotective effect against global cerebral damage caused by oxidative stress induced by the chemotherapy. The effect is one of relaxation and emotional calmness without affecting brain function since there is no inhibition or changes to personality or any disorientation.

Prequimm’s administration in the form of a tablet diluted sublingually is very practical.

Action Mechanism

The present formulation has been elaborated by the combination of distinct elements of natural origin, in which each one has received the pharmacologic dilution principles, obtaining the specificity and weight in milligrams to treat specific symptoms/signs of the most common adverse effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting.

When selecting the diverse elements that take part in the micro-dose, we classify by group according to the action target that takes place in the organism; specifically, by the pharmaceutical effect, obtaining a synergy amongst different elements from each group without competing or antagonizing. The final effect is different and superior with the sum of its parts, where we have a greater pharmacological effect so we can treat some of the adverse effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting. For instance, the removal of just one element, say, the removal of nausea, would yield a small effect because it is necessary to increase the natural antiemetic potency since chemotherapy’s toxic load is very high. It is vital to cover the different stages of chemotherapy in order to track the appearance of different chemotherapy side effects. This product in its global function, integrated by its multiple elements, when coming to the individual’s organism in form of sublingual tablets, is not separated since it works together in groups acting at the same time in different action areas; therefore, we can group the different participating elements in their own sphere of action, such as:


GI tract complaints are one of the most common reasons why patients seek medical attention. Nausea, vomiting, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal distention, flatulence, abdominal colic, etc., are some of the main reasons for attention since they vary from mild to severe.

For this reason, a great amount of complaints correspond to the functional category. The origin of these maladies could be multi-factor, but what pertains to this great diversity of GI is the fact that they are all commonly present themselves as an adverse effect of chemotherapy either in one or several ailments.

The intestinal mucosal immune system is a defense mechanism that guarantees the special attention from the competent immune cells placed at the Peyer patches; even though, the intestinal system is also in charge of antigens, specifically with the intention of developing oral tolerance to useful substances. This mechanism serves as a model for the immune-modulator of the new formulation in the immune assistance reaction.

The intestinal immune system has developed a singular immune response towards toxins. This is because mucosal surfaces possess a high number of regulating T-cells, from which TH3 Cells and Supressor T cells are the most important for this purpose.

TH3 Cells are an important fountain for the Beta growing-transforming factor and they are useful to restore the normal oscillating balance between TH1 and TH2 cells.

The TH3 cell is inducted through small dilutions of elements contained in the formulation. The cells’ clones will be attracted by the chemokines to any place in which inflammation takes places. This will regulate a tendency at the low TH1 cells; therefore, balancing the relationship between TH1/TH2. This regulation action induced by the formulation, can be used not only for auto-immunity to induce tolerance to the affected tissue after chemotherapy. It can also be used to regulate the downward inflammation tendency, not only in the intestine, but the whole body.

In addition, the liver is one of the main organs participating in the body’s protection mechanism. It is beneficial since it plays an important role in the body’s detox process. Blood coming through the intestine through the portal vein outflows there. It has a great importance in the development of tolerance to certain foods, and also accordingly, carries away the toxicity generated by the chemotherapeutic medicine along with the rest of the organs, but mainly in the GI tract:

Elements participating in the GI tract:

– Colchicum autumnale

– Ipecacuanha

– Nux vomica

– Veratrum album


The contents of the elements participating in the action sphere in the nervous system are utilized since we have found them to contain other effects to treat an ample spectrum of symptoms, particularly very specific properties: sedating, and anticonvulsive at a lesser level. They do not affect essential cognitive functions such as time and orientation, place and spatial functions at mental level. This produces an emotional relaxation effect as a neuroprotective result against global cerebral damage triggered by oxidative stress induced by chemotherapy. At the same time, it produces a secondary myorelaxant effect from a central level (central nervous system)

Elements participating at the nervous system level:

– Conium maculatum

– Pulsatilla pratensis

– Argentum nitricum

These produce the following relief possibilities:

– Stimulation of blocked enzymatic systems because of digestive ailments after chemotherapy application,

– Stimulation of defense mechanisms in functional gastrointestinal and hepatic disorders.

– Neuroprotective effect against global harm provoked by oxidative stress due to chemotherapy.

Prequimm Presentation

It is well known that for the last years cancer has been proliferating rapidly in many sectors of our population.

In our society, many people seek for natural alternatives every day to treat health issues. Under these circumstances and knowing the importance and impact that has and will have nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, we developed Prequimm. A pharmaceutical product which side effects are still unknown including any blocking, antagonism, or interaction with chemotherapy. For this reason, health practitioners may take the advantage of a better, trustworthy, accessible and efficient tool that compliments and empowers conventional cancer treatments.

In the majority of the cases, cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation, even surgery. Nowadays, more that hundred substances exist and are utilized in chemotherapy, which are employed depending on the type of cancer, progress, and response of the patient.

Cancer treatments are designed to destroy cancer cells; unfortunately, they cannot distinguish between normal (healthy) cells, causing adverse effects that could be moderate to severe and consequently diminishing quality of life. These secondary effects could potentially increase the risk of the treatment’s effectiveness and even the patient’s life. The most common symptoms are: hair loss, nausea, vomit, diarrhea, constipation, myalgia, artalgia, and even severe tachycardia. So far, there has been some effort on preventing these adverse side effects through different medicine that at the same time has the same effects, consequently ending up with partial results.

These medications only focus on the symptoms and do not take into account the damage produced in the body due to the toxicity of its elements.

It is important to highlight that the root of chemotherapy’s side effect is due to the harm of cells in different organs of the body. One of the most common side effects is nausea and vomiting; therefore, the method that has been followed to reduce these symptoms is the implementation of a product containing multiple elements. Each of these elements could be combined and each of them generates an effect inside the body, not competing between them, but contributing to the improvement of health and wellness of the consumer. Each of these elements is absolutely independent and works within the body in a specific way.


Auxiliary in the treatment of discomfort caused by common chemotherapy side effects (cytotoxic pharma) such as: nausea and vomit on early and late stages, post chemotherapy.


Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue every 15 minutes for two hours prior to chemotherapy and after chemotherapy dissolve 2 tablets every 15 minutes twice. Continue with 2 tablets every 4 hours for 7 to 10 days.

Children under 12 years of age: use half the adult dose.

Repeat dosage for each chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation therapy session.


In the event of nausea and/or vomit, dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue every 15 minutes until the symptoms disappear for a maximum of 2 hours. After that, continue with the previous method of 2 tablets every 4 hours.


Pregnancy, lactation and hypersensitivity to the components of the formula.








Unknown overdosing effects.


Bottle with 100 sublingual tablets.


Keep away from heat and moisture.

Dr. Juan Zamarripa, a distinguished obstetrician and surgeon with an illustrious career spanning 38 years, stands as a beacon of medical expertise and compassion. Overseeing the care of an impressive 9,240 patients annually, Dr. Zamarripa has been at the forefront of innovative medical solutions.

A profound advocate for those facing medical challenges, Dr. Zamarripa is renowned for his unwavering commitment to patients who have exhausted conventional options. His passion for homotoxicology, combined with his expertise, has offered new hope to many.

The journey through adversity has shaped Dr. Zamarripa’s perspective on healthcare. His personal victory over cancer, alongside his wife, in both 2020 and 2021, fortified his resolve to serve with empathy, resilience, and an unyielding determination.

His visionary spirit led to the creation of Prequimm in 2014, a pioneering initiative aimed at redefining healthcare approaches in the cancer industry.

About MediAid RX

SoCal-based MediAid Rx is a family-owned, community-first business creating and marketing high-quality, highly-effective homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements that provide healthier alternatives to traditional medicines.

In the spring of 2024, MediAid Rx, in partnership with ZRG DETOX, is bringing Prequimm, an FDA-authorized, over-the-counter homeopathic medicine designed to alleviate the distressing symptoms of nausea, vomiting, body aches and more that often accompany chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy treatments, to market.

The company, whose mission is to empower global wellness through accessible, 100% all-natural products, envisions a world where individuals live a better everyday quality of life with increased vitality.